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A Good Course Of Action

This morning I woke up earlier then normal as I went to sleep early the night before.

Anyway I got on to checking my phone for Emails, News, FB and Blogs not essentially in that order but I got around to reading the newly pressed blogs and came a cross a video of Aysh Founder and CEO of Upc0ming Artists. Aysh made a quick video for her UA family explaining the future goals for the non-profit company.
Aysh asked for donation to make UA a self hosted site as she would like to expand the artists and UA it’s self more global with more of an impact, and with that in mind Aysh politely asked for her followers, artists and fellow bloggers to DONATE at least 20p a MONTH to help her to get UA self -hosted.

At only 17, Aysh has a bright future ahead of her self. Choosing UA business work over her love life which most young women her age would be doing, she will definatly achieve a successfully future within the music industry or even any industry in terms of marketing.

Side note, I did make a donation, that is because judging Aysh on what she has accomplished so far, i believe she will definitely succeed in making Upc0ming Artists a National and hopefully and International brand.

If you would like to contribute to Upc0ming Artists click HERE to go direct to the DONATIONS page

Let me know what you thing of Aysh and her UA Foundation for artists.

Also have you ever donated money to help people with business or would you consider donating as little a 20p a month to a Person/Business that you know works hard at what they do, but would like to achieve more and you believe that they can do it. Let me know.


2 comments on “A Good Course Of Action

  1. Aysh
    September 7, 2012

    Reblogged this on Upc0ming Artists and commented:
    This is the nicest thing EVER! Real support! #UAFamily

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