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Loops 2 Keys

It has been over five years since producing my first track. I have certainly come along way from back then. When I first started producing music I bought the necessary equipment to get me started e.g. New computer, Digital Audio Workstations (DAW), Audio Interface, MIDI Keyboard  and of cause Reference Monitors (Speakers). Apart from the piano piece that was composed back when I was in high school, I still could not play a musical instrument. So writing music digitally was going to be a challenge.

I started off using the pre recorded loops that came with the DAW composing songs that way, as it did not require me playing the MIDI Keyboard.

For you guys that don’t know, a MIDI Keyboard has no built in sounds of its own, the sound generated from playing the keys are selected from you DAW library of sounds.

M Audio Axiom 25 key Midi Keyboard with 8 drum pads and assignably rotary knobs.

Altho it was fun putting completed songs together from the loops in the library, in my mind it was not truly 100% mine, any music producer can do that, so I started playing in my own music where I could, while still using some of the different loops. Eventually the loops were replaced by my own playing of the keyboard and the songs started to become 100% mine.

When I started play the keyboard more and stopped using the loops, I was only using my right hand because I still did not know how to play with both hands, so I produced many songs like this until I slowly started to teach my self how. (I wish I actually took those piano lessons that my mum offered me when I was a kid) All though I still am not 100% comfortable playing with both hands I try and teach my self by watching tutorials on YouTube, any song that I learn from there, I take and rearrange them to make the song in to my own, replacing chords and single notes where I could.

I produced a lot of songs with piano in them that was the my self teaching some times with out YouTubes help. I loved listening back to them, because when I listened to them, they would sound like I am playing with one fluid motion (that would put a smile on my face), but of cause it was played in parts and took me some hours to come up with the final piece.

I wish I could just go up to a piano anywhere and just start to compose a song there and then but hey I can’t, altho I can learn the songs that I have composed in the past and with practice and a lot of it I could walk up to any piano and play one of my songs and pretend like I just made it up. Who would know?

Below you can have a listen to one of my favourite piano songs that I composed. I still don’t have a proper name for it. lol

Please have a comment on what you think about the song. More music will be up with future posts. Thank you


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