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I started making music around 5 years ago. I have a basic home studio set up and work from it as often as possible, producing music for all artists, movies and Tv ( well I try )

In my final year in High School I was told to choose two subjects to add to my final exams. These two subjects were Physical Education (P.E) and Music. At the time I was good at sports, thats why I choose P.E but I knew nothing about Music let alone even play an instrument or even read music in that instance, (but hey how hard could it be I told myself.)

Music class taught me how to play the piano, well it was the instrument of my choosing lets say. One day I asked the teacher if he knew how to play Beethoven, he asked me which one so I whistled the song to him. My teacher knew the song straight away and started to play it for me. The song was called “Für Elise” or “For Elise” in English for you guys who didn’t know or have never heard of it.

Learning the song did not take me that long but it did put my fingers through some hard strenuous work, but in time they got used to it and became second nature. My music teacher played the keys and I would copy, that was the way he would teach me, because I did not know how to read Sheet Music although over time he did teach me the basics of reading it.
Towards the end of the final School year their would always be a show case of work from the students, my music teacher put me through to perform, so that meant that I had to start practacing but I would also be with a drummer and a guitarist so my first group practise was on the way. My music teacher told me it was not gong to be “Für Elise” that I was going to play but I had to compose a song my self and perform what I had come up with to the entire school.
It took two months for me to come up with a basic piano piece that would be easy to remember and comfortable enough to be played in front of the school. The day came, it was time to show the school what I had come up with. Before I started playing I asked the teacher “what happens if i mess up “ he replied “just keep playing no body will notice, oh and by the way this will go towards you final exam grading so good luck” after that said my nervousnes got more intense but I had to just do what was needed and start playing. My fingers pushed down on to the keys and I started, the drummer came in along with the guitarist and the music came together smoothly. I had my head down the whole time I was playing just so that I did not miss any keys, but I did look up for a quick glance at the audience and of course a fumble was made but I did what the teacher said and carried on playing like it was meant to be played like that, luckily it was towards the end of the song so I finished up and ended the song slowly and calmly taking a deep breath once I played the last note.
I passed my music class getting a grade B. That summer I found out from my brother that a friend of mine had a home music studio, so I went along and had a listen to what music was being done. My friends took a brake from recording after four hours ,so I decided to mess around and play my song that I had composed for the school. I asked my friends if i could record the piano and they can finish the song off how ever they would like. It took another six hours in the studio that day to finish the song completely along with the vocals, at that point I knew that I wanted to have a studio of my own and produce music also. It took three years later for me to get started as I wanted to finish my qualifications in Catering and Hospitality first, as I had chosen to be a chef from the time I had left school.
A few months in to my professional life as a chef I realised that I started to have some free time on my hands, so now was the time to start building my music studio and using the little free time I had practicing and producing the music that I like and would love to share with the world through all media channels.
So Zephrine Music was born and the music journey was up and running, with a lot to learn and a lot to show, show casing the music productions that I have composed for many years to come.

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